Startup Armenia Foundation Announced The Upcoming Plans For SSS.

News2022-07-12 14:43

As we have promised, we came back with new ideas and plans for this year.

Although we're working on finding a perfect location for Sevan Startup Summit, we are also going to enlarge our SSS map with new seasides. As you already know, in December 2021 SSSholidays was organized with a new format, held in Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

Sadly, this year Sevan Startup Summit won’t be held due to technical and timing issues. “Despite the fact that at the moment, as a result of joint work with Sevan National Park and other governmental departments, we have found a new area almost suitable for the summit, and despite the fact that we have done a lot of work since late 2021 to make Sevan Startup Summit 2022 a reality, we have to announce that this year, too, due to certain technical and timing issues, the largest and most anticipated gathering in the region will not take place at the end of July in the scale and format as perceived by our ecosystem," said the Seaside Startup Summit CEO Vahagn Rapyan.

At the moment, the Startup Armenia Foundation is actively working towards holding the Seaside Startup Summit Australia and SSSholidays India Goa summits in the fall of 2022. The organizers mentioned that preparations for the Sevan Startup Summit 2023 will start soon, and they assure that there will be relevant announcements regarding foreign events.

The well-known Seaside Startup Summit project has been organized by Startup Armenia since 2016. From 2016 to 2019, more than 1000 startups, speakers, mentors, investors from more than 50 countries participated in 6 campsite-based business forums held in Armenia and abroad. The investments made so far within the framework of the event have exceeded $4 million. One of the most successful startups at Sevan Startup Summit is SuperAnnotateAI. In just 3.5 years, the company has registered a huge growth and today it is valued at about $100 million.